The Investment Language Teacher

The Investment Language Institute

The Investment Language Institute has one objective: eliminate the fear and confusion that employees feel when making their 401(k) selections.
Many companies rely on financial service firms to provide education to their employees. Many times this education is free, so, why pay for a third party like The Investment Language Teacher? 

Does the financial services firm provide comprehensive education and do the employees really get educated? What skills useful for choosing mutual funds do the employees gain that they didn't possess previously?

Surveys show that employees are confused by their 401(k) choices and wish the process of choosing the investments could be easier. Maybe the current education format isn't really working for the employees?

Financial service firms are not in the business of providing investment education, they are in the business of providing financial services. An argument can be made that it isn't even in the best interest of the financial services industry to have a public which is highly educated about their investments. 

The Investment Language Institute provides a comprehensive and unbiased way for corporate employees to learn mutual funds. The Investment Language Institute is comprised of:

1. The Video Library

2. Live Webinars

3. On Demand Tests
Employees deserve a source of mutual fund education which is comprehensive, unbiased and convenient. We teach concepts and terms that your employees don't hear about from other sources. This information will help them choose between different funds. 

Through The Video Library, The Investment Language Institute explains the terminology investors need to understand to choose mutual funds. The amount of terminology is not limitless and comprehending it is not beyond the capability of the average person.

Two live webinars are each given once a quarter to make sure employees can get their questions addressed and understand the available online resources they can use to apply their knowledge.

Lastly, there are three separate tests on mutual funds and investment principles, stock funds and bond funds.

The very reasonable annual subscription allows all of your employees to access The Investment Language Institute for one year.